About Us

The author of this website is Rafik OUARED, PhD, physicist and biomedical engineer, living in Lausanne, CH, now involved in remote sensing, developing an algorithm for automatic measurement of snow/rain melting layer limits over CH from a network of several ceilometers.

ρLAX is dedicated to sharing with followers, views and information related to founder's topic scope of interest (TSOI), in order to promote PEACE OF MIND under all circumstances, out of hot and passionate debates, and turmoiled disputes.

The main topics of interest (TOI) are: Religious, Social, Economics, Sports, Politics, Science, and Technology. 

The first key topic is about RAMADAN and IMSAK/FAJR calendars. Accurate, consistent and sustainable solutions are provided to worshippers in city of Lausanne, CH, along with related explanations.

Other topics will follow as soon as he can succesfully manage his own agenda to seeking more persistency in publishing activity.

You may contact him through this link.


PS: This site is still under construction!